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WarDotA2 | Complete DotA2 Transformation Pack


Mostly Asked Questions!

I cant Find/Use the towers, Roshan, Etc... Can you help me?
A: Yes! Just follow these steps to find the path of those models.
Download my Map(you can fount it on my thread "wardota2")...
Open the map using winMpq/MpqMaster/or any thing your are using...
Extract "Units\UnitUI.slk"...
You can find the paths for the towers there at the buttom!
Just add it to any UnitsUI.slk you are using now!

Q: When I use WarDota2 Custom Map(Latest) the Towers, other Heroes, Etc.. are Invisible! Why?
A: You need to the Latest Patch (WarDota2 Full). Don't Use the Terrain and UI Only Patch or the Older version!

Q: When I use different Dota Map or the Old version Map the towers are not changed.
A: Use the latest WarDota2 Custom Map (Download link below)

Download links:

Wardota2 Full (140mb, Mediafire)

WarDota2 -Terrain and UI only (36.06mb, Mediafire)

How to install:
Dont forget to make a Backup first of your War3patch!
Replace the existing "War3path.mpq" in your Warcraft III Directory with the new wardota2 patch (war3patch.mpq).
Note: Make sure that no other mod are installed!

Terrain Local Files Download link (mediafire 28mb)

Pudge&WR Models with Responces by shintetsu100 (local files)

You are free to use it whatever you want!!!!

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  1. AikoSc says:

    Hi Do you have heroes only. i dont like the ui, building, terrain,skill just the heroes. do you have?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The link is dead,I repeat the link is dead,please upload it again,thanks.

  3. Anonymous says:


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